Contract Research

GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL does not shy away from the most complex of chemistries. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet your research, development, and production needs. It is therefore our pleasure to offer you the options of contract-based projects or full-time equivalent chemists.

We can assign your project to full-time, in-house chemists, dedicated to you and to your success. Alternatively, we offer the option of fee for service projects. In either case, we are able to work in a timely and efficient manner so that you can meet your important project deadlines. Together we can target the most precise pathway to your success.

In-house Chemists for Research & Development & Production

The GL CHEMTEC Approach to Contract Research: Once you have provided us with a target molecule or library, the following steps are taken:

  • We perform full literature & database searches
  • Brainstorming of potential feasible and efficient synthetic routes
  • Laboratory synthesis initiated en route to the generation of a representative sample of the target molecules
  • Weekly progress reports and telecommunications conducted
  • Full analytical evaluation performed
  • Evaluation and optimization of new synthetic routes performed
  • Scale-up of target molecules