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Thank you for considering GL CHEMTEC for your new technology development, custom synthesis, manufacturing, or contract research project! If you’re ready to get started, contact us today, or read below for more information.

At GL CHEMTEC, we have an organized project structure and management strategy to help our clients reach their research and new technology development goals.

We offer fixed cost and FTE packages to suit the specific needs of our clients. An FTE option is selected when the contract includes strictly R&D work, or when synthetic route development and optimization are required.

We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills with clients throughout each and every stage of the process. When working with GL CHEMTEC, you will always be well informed as to the status of your project from our Project Manager and team of dedicated chemists.

GL CHEMTEC’s packages offer regular communications, which include a progress report in advance of a TCON. We then offer deliverables, such as certificates of analysis, and full reports when the research or technology package is completed.

Working with Our Team

Our diverse team of scientists from various fields works exceptionally well together, drawing on complimentary skills in order to forge innovative solutions. We work together bearing in mind the important principle that when our clients succeed, we succeed.

The following teams will be assigned to you throughout the duration of your project:

  • Our Project Manager, Ph.D., coordinates project activities and provides updates for clients. The Project Manager will also answer questions and convey any additional changes to an internal team
  • The Project Leader, Ph.D., works on the daily project goals, is responsible for ensuring accurate daily results, and collaborates with the Ph. D. and M.Sc. chemists
  • The Project Team, Ph.D., and M.Sc., carries out the project in the lab, records observations, analyzes final projects, and writes the laboratory report with observations.

Our Process

Over the years, GL CHEMTEC has developed an optimal process to deliver results for our clients through more efficient turnarounds, and more effective solutions.

Our process involves the following steps:

  • We start by establishing a CDA or Secrecy agreement. We then provide an RFQ with the desired target molecules or synthetic routes requiring optimization
  • We require 2-3 days to perform a full review and to propose pricing and timelines
  • GL CHEMTEC will begin laboratory work on the date that was agreed upon by both parties. For FTE projects, full regular teleconferences and reporting commence

Our project structure and management strategy vary to adapt to numerous projects that we have the capacity to undertake.

If you’d like to work with GL CHEMTEC on a contract research or new technology development project, contact us today!