Medicinal Chemistry

GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL strives to facilitate and accelerate your drug discovery and development efforts.

We have the ability to understand and troubleshoot complex medicinal chemistry problems due to our strong research backgrounds and extensive experience in a wide variety of therapeutic drug discovery programs such as oncology, central nervous system disorders, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, anti-psychotics, gastrointestinal conditions, inflammation, anti-infectives and Alzheimer’s disease.

Medicinal Chemistry for drug discovery and development


  • Experienced in the biology, pharmacology, and intellectual property (IP) associated with drug discovery and development.
  • Focused on library design and lead generation from clients’ scaffolds.
  • Structure-activity Relationship (SAR) developers targeting lead optimization.
  • In-house experts in metabolic evaluation that complements our internal synthetic chemistry capabilities to target libraries with higher overall success rates.
  • An CRO with full in-house analytical support.

Hit Evaluation

  • Once a client has identified a hit (or hit series), a full medicinal chemistry evaluation will be conducted.
  • A diverse, defined library will be enumerated to explore the chemical space around the hit, bearing in mind any (IP) and synthetic limitations.
  • Using all available literature information, a vast array of synthetic routes will be explored and developed.
  • With this information, a hit library will be synthesized and delivered to the client.

Lead Optimization

  • Once a lead has been selected, a focused library centering on the lead will be enumerated and synthesized for lead optimization.
  • A definable SAR is developed.
  • ADME optimization and other physical chemical properties are evaluated and taken into account in the library design.
  • A lead optimization library will be synthesized and delivered to the client.
  • Alternative library iterations may be utilized.

Whether you are a virtual company or a start-up organization, we can partner with you to be your medicinal chemistry laboratory, therefore saving you precious time and money. We will provide:

  • Hit analogue (or library) design and synthesis
  • Lead optimization
  • IP evaluation and write-up
  • Pre-clinical scale-up

For organizations with existing internal chemistry capabilities, we will act as an extension of your medicinal chemistry laboratory working on:

  • Alternative therapeutic programs
  • Key intermediates and scale-up
  • Back-up compounds
  • Additional medicinal chemical space coverage