Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Services

GL CHEMTEC’s vast experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors spans well over a decade.

Our expertise has allowed us to deliver innovative R&D solutions to clients in various industries. With a sizable arsenal of equipment that is uncommon by industry standards, GL CHEMTEC can deliver the dependable, responsive services you need.

GL CHEMTEC has developed expertise in synthesizing compounds employed in various therapeutic areas, including but not limited to, oncology, CNS, and HIV/AIDS.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research & Development

In terms of process chemistry, we have in-depth experience in taking non-optimized medicinal chemistry procedures to the 5-10 Kg scale in a very short period of time.

Our small-scale and medicinal chemistry capabilities include (in-house equipment; mg to hundreds of grams):

  • Air-free Schlenk Suites with Vacuum Lines & Glove-Boxes
  • Rotary evaporators – 2L
  • Hydrogenation Capabilities (1L, 2L)
  • Parallel Organic Synthesizers (Mettler Toledo 24-position)
  • GC Units, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS (2 Units)
  • Analytical HPLC with DAD, PDA, VWD Detectors (5 Units)
  • Combi-Flash Systems 200 ml/min (12 Units)
  • 25 Explosion-Proof Fume hoods (12’) with Walk-In Option
  • Biotage Microwave Synthesizers – Eight & Sixty Position Units
  • Radley Reaction Carousels (3 Units) for parallel synthesis
  • FT-IR (2 Units), UV-VIS, Microscope
  • Shimadzu Prep-HPLC System (150 ml/min) with Auto-Sampler
  • Thin-film & Fractional Distillation Capabilities

Large-Scale Process and Capabilities:

  • 22 L Rotary Evaporators (4 Units)
  • 15 L Reactor (2 Units)
  • 22 L Reactors (8 Units)
  • 30 L Jacketed Reactors (2 Units)
  • 50 L Jacketed Reactor
  • 50 L Reactor with Distillation Set-Up
  • 12 Foot Walk-In Fume Hoods (3 Units)
  •  Large-Scale Biotage Column Chromatography (5 Kg)
  • Teledyne ISCO Torrent (750 ml/min)
  • 10 L Custom Hydrogenation Unit
  • Ozone Generators (3 Units)