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GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL is a discovery-phase contract research company, delivering innovative custom solutions and technologies to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and materials science sectors.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Services

GL CHEMTEC has been offering innovative drug discovery synthetic chemistry services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors for over a decade. We are a flexible and responsive partner, offering both fixed cost and fee for service options to meet your drug discovery and development needs.

Materials Science Services

We combine our skills in organic and polymer chemistry with our expertise in analytical chemistry to offer new and exciting materials to the medical device sector. Now ISO 13485:2016 certified!

Medicinal Chemistry Services

We have the ability to understand and troubleshoot complex medicinal chemistry problems due to our strong research backgrounds and extensive experience in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. Contact us today to discuss targeted library and analogue synthesis!

Custom Synthesis Services

Count on GL CHEMTEC to be your trusted synthetic chemistry partner for complex synthetic route development and rapid scale-up from the milligram to multi-kilogram level. From overnight shipping to seamless communications to secure IP, your projects are handled under ISO 9001 in order to ensure quality and the highest of performance standards.

Contract Research Services

GL CHEMTEC does not shy away from the most complex of chemistries. We are an innovative research partner focused on the most efficient pathway to your success. Contact us today to discuss our competitive FTE-based options for your discovery and development programs!

Modern research and development designed to solve your pharmaceutical and biotech problems

GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL is a skilled research and development organization, specializing in contract research projects and in the custom synthesis of novel molecules.

Our clients include established pharmaceutical companies, innovative biotechnology organizations, drug discovery groups, new & innovative materials based companies, research institutions, and fine chemical distributors worldwide.

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Choosing the right partner to work with can be one of the most important decisions to make on a project. Click here to learn more about our strengths and to find out why GL CHEMTEC is the right partner for you!

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